GFAA Committees

Do you want to be more involved in the Greater Fayetteville Apartment Association? Consider joining a committee and be a part of strategic planning in your favorite area of interest; have your voice and ideas heard! Email us at for your invitation to the next meeting.

Attendance Policy
Committee Members should not miss more than (3) consecutive meetings. If attendance is not consistent, a committee person can be removed by the Chairperson for lack of participation.    Meetings may be in-person, virtual or hybrid, depending on the current metrics of COVID.            Check your email for updates.

Committee Descriptions

Supplier Council

Takes on all planning of, and not limited to, the annual Tradeshow and Maintenance Mania, and Maintenance and Supplier Appreciation Events. Assists in getting sponsors involved in these events; and is cost effective by exploring options to better these events in the future. Gets the Supplier Members involved and engaged, collects their feedback from the events. Polls them to see their wants and needs to help their businesses grow.

Monthly meetings: 1st Wednesday of each month, 10 am, at Restore Pro Reconstruction/virtual option available
Chairperson: Kris Kenney
Co-Chairperson: Kelby Berling

Publicity/Events and Membership

Takes on the promoting of the GFAA as whole, and all of its upcoming events, classes, etc on social media. Works together to create new ideas for contests, flyers, posts, and more to promote attendance. Grows the number of likes, followers, connections and exposure of all online outlets. Assists in planning other social events throughout the year, like the Annual Holiday Party.

Main focus is member retention and the growth of the GFAA. Assists with the needs of current members, works on target marketing, helps collect contacts (current and prospective) and turns them into Executive Director to keep records, gets feedback from events and classes to assist in the future planning of Education and Events. Helps the current members see a value for their membership with Member Orientation and being an Ambassador for the new members. Network in our 6 counties to find new prospects, talk up the GFAA with any other relevant business that you come in contact with. Plans networking events to get people together through the spring and summer, attend Chambers and Realtors events for exposure year-round, and brainstorms ideas and executes the annual Membership Drive.   

Monthly meetings: 2nd Tuesday of each month, 9 am at Taylored Control Systems/virtual option available
Chairpersons: Lauren Gibbs and Brenda Leidholdt

Governance/Bylaws and Policies

Promotes advocacy for GFAA, AANC and NAA, & the PAC’s. Grows awareness amongst the Membership of what these entities do for us and gains support. Responds to Legislative Calls to Action. Promotes and attends AANC Legislative & Education Conference in Raleigh annually, and always keeps Members aware of any pending legislative concerns that may need our action throughout the year. Drafts policies, procedures, and Bylaws changes as needed.

Monthly meetings: 4th Tuesday of each month, 1 pm at Reserve at Carrington Place/virtual option available
Chairperson: Karen Perkins, Co Chair: Jonathan Elliot


Planning of designation courses, maintenance certification classes, and research relevant topics and speakers for seminars. Collect quotes from instructors and venues, collaborates with finance committee regarding cost. Keeps annual calendars to track dates, deposits, speakers, venues, times and other details, and the annual calendars upon completion that go to Publicity committee to promote. Collects input from members for future planning recommendations and interests. Assists in any other details related to planning for these courses, and makes Education Sponsor(s) aware so they are present for all classes.

Monthly meetings: 4th Wedneday of each month,11am at Reserve at Carrington Place, virtual option available
Chairperson: Jennifer Pittman

Community Outreach

Promotes the needs of the annual charity of the year. Creates a relationship with the charity, invites them to our functions and gets the members involved in supporting their needs, from donations, items and volunteer time in person. Drafts plans for drives and promotes the charity's events throughout the year, makes their presence and our relationship with them known throughout our counties. Also promotes the growth and awareness of the GFAA at various local events in our market.

Monthly meetings: 2nd Wednesday of each month, 10 am, in person at FAPS
Chairperson: Ericka Peterson

Diversity and Inclusion

Committee members have attended training offered by NAA on these topics, created and continue annually to develop the GFAA Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship, and brainstorms how to better educate the GFAA members in these areas, raise awareness and offers training classes to make us more diverse.                                     
Monthly meetings: 4th Thursday of each month, 3 pm, virtual
Chairperson: Nana Bentsi-Enchill