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FORT LIBERTY, N.C. – The Fort Liberty Housing Services Office teamed up with the Greater Apartment Association of Fayetteville at the 2023 Trade Show at the Crown Coliseum to educate the local housing community on available services on Sept. 29.

The HSO educated attendees about their services and service members’ housing needs and requirements, with the mission to ensure a high quality of life for service members and their Families.

“It was neat talking with the housing attendees as they approached our booth,” said Paul Stercay, Fort Liberty HSO team lead. “Many of them had no idea what we do and how we can provide services to the community in addition to the Soldiers. Every person walked away saying, ‘Wow, I had no idea you all did this.’”

Attendance at the trade show allowed the HSO to increase their connections with local housing community members, who often directly impact a service member’s housing experience and quality of life. It also provided an opportunity to foster positive connections while establishing communication between Fort Liberty and the surrounding community.

“These connections help produce communication and avoid lack of clarity or misinformation,” explained Stercay. “Our attendance provided property managers and landlords a better understanding and insight into the functions of our office, and this strengthened our community partnerships.”

One insight the team provided was effectively using the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act when dealing with military-connected renters. The Act provides protections for servicemembers’ legal and financial transactions during a permanent change of station or deployment. It also guides property management professionals on the expectations they can place on service members on notices to vacate and payment schedules.

The HSO also provided advisement on the way the office provides advocacy to property managers and owners. The team invited interested individuals to visit, drop off marketing flyers, and network with them at their office on-post.

In addition, the HSO made property managers aware of Homes.Mil. Homes.Mil is a free resource available 24/7, listing available home rentals. On the website, property management and owners can post available listings, which service members can review for rentals.

“We work more confidently when we can work with the community and have their confidence that we will advocate for the service members,” said Stercay. “The tradeshow allowed us to leave our doors to promote our services, educate the community, and aid our service members. We look forward to attending future trade shows and other community events.”

For more information about the Fort Liberty Housing Services Office, call 910-396-1022.

Story by Jessica Taylor, Housing Manager at Fort Liberty Directorate of Public Works Housing Services Office

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