Increase the Rental Housing Industry’s Influence

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Decisions in DC can either have a positive or a negative impact on the rental housing industry.

To help ensure that the decisions they make are favorable to you, it’s important to make connections with Congressional leadership. 


The fact is that competing for Congressional attention has become fierce, especially since the pandemic. It’s time that you grow your network to get their attention.

Key Contacts

All you need to do is think about

  • Who you know in Congress
  • Any people you know who know someone in Congress
  • Are you willing to cultivate a relationship with your Member of Congress (whether locally or nationally (e.g., you have an uncle who is a Congressperson in another state or your good friend Darin down the street who also works in the rental housing industry has a roommate from college who now works on The Hill)).

You and/or these people can help us get the industry’s message heard; they can become our Key Contacts. Then, complete this form.

You can learn more about the program and what is expected of Key Contacts by quickly reading NAA's Key Contact Handbook

535 in 535

The goal is to get 535 Key Contacts for the 535 Congressional decision-makers. Meeting or surpassing that increases the industry’s chances for legislation that will positively impact us.

Thank you for building out our industry’s network.