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Annual Member Meeting, Luncheon, Seminar

Annual Member Meeting, Luncheon, Seminar

NOW: Seminar registration ONLY available

Thursday, November 17, 2022
11:30 AM - 4:00 PM (EST)

* Registration open until 11/15/22 at 12:15 PM (EST)

Event Details

Seminar registration ONLY available

Event Timeline

11:30 AM - 1 PM: Annual Meeting Luncheon and Board of Directors Executive Officer Vote

1 - 4 PM: Seminar

Interviewing and Hiring Practices That Need to Adapt to the New Workforce:

Have you ever selected a candidate based on how well they interviewed, only to be disappointed at their actual performance once they start? Is it harder than ever to find good quality talent? Struggling to find candidates who are qualified and who will stick around for a while?  

Learn how to approach the candidate selection process in a way that helps identify the best candidates for your team and allows you to select based on evidence and not gut.

Come away with a unique approach to the interview process to help you find the RIGHT associates for your open positions.

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About the Instructor:

Mindy McCorkle has 30+ years of leadership experience in multiple industries. She’s held positions from front-line roles to executive positions and is seen as a mentor and leader by many. She has too many awards and accolades to list here but has been recognized locally and nationally for her instructional expertise.

Mindy owns Enhancement Talent Development where she provides clients with customized learning experiences, team coaching, consulting, and other talent-related services.  The B2C side of her journey is Life Enhanced, a subsidiary of Enhancement Talent Development, and that’s where Mindy works with individuals to help them grow personally and professionally, and find greater happiness and fulfillment through transformation, realignment, and learning experiences. She is a perpetual learner and loves to inspire others to continue learning as well.

Mindy is also an author who publishes inspirational works, self-development books, and virtual learning sessions.

She brings a unique authenticity to every interaction and presentation and shares transformational insight from her experiences. She’s not a game-changer; she’s creating a whole new game!