"Spay it Forward" with the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society

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"Spay it Forward" with the GFAA Community Outreach Committee                       & the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society!
A part of FAPS' mission is to alleviate the population of unwanted companion animals by spaying/neutering all of the cats and dogs in our care before adoption.
Spaying and neutering not only reduces the number of unintentional animals, but also decreases the number of stray animals that create a health/safety hazard. This simple fix means better behaved, easier to train, calmer and more affectionate pets than those unaltered. As if this weren't enough- altered animals live longer, as spaying or neutering a dog or cat helps to reduce the occurrence of common prostate, uterine and breast cancers.
Greater Fayetteville Apartment Association's second quarter community outreach involves sponsoring as many spays/neuters as possible! Remember, when fewer animals are born fewer are euthanized at local county shelters (this is a COMMUNITY problem, the blame needs to be taken away from animal control).